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For Buyer
There are two ways to buy:
A. Search by yourself:

B. Make seller find you:

Keywords Searching
1. Choose a search type from the pull-down list, i.e. Products or Companies.
2. Enter a product name in the search box, and then click on "Search".

3. View the results page. You can check your interested items and send an inquiry once to all suppliers just by pressing "Contact Now".

4. You can always fine-tune your search in the "Refine Search" box, making the results more accurate.
Products Directory
Click on the "Products Directory" button at the top of any page. Browse products by navigating through industries. Select appropriate industry to narrow down your search.
Send Inquiry
You can send inquiries to sellers you find through browse or search. Use these steps:
1. Select the checkbox beside each product or supplier you are interested in
2. Click "Contact Now" button.
3. Complete the inquiry form and submit.

4. If you check more than one product or supplier, your inquiries will be sent to these suppliers simultaneously.
5. Once you send out your inquiry, it will probably take sellers a few days to respond. Their replies will be sent to your Message Center in My iChinaFatory.
Subscribe to Product Alert
Product Alert is a free customized email that delivers new iChinaFactory.com contents such as product, supplier, and buyer information which match your criteria. To know more information about Product Alert.
Check Quotations
If you have registered, you can login to check inbox and reply the messages send from suppliers.