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How to Avoid Fraud?
For better and safe online trading, here are a few tips for reference:
1. Give a trial order or sample to test your supplier.
2. If it is a big order, ask someone in China to help verify the company and have pre-shipment inspection.
Please let us know if you want to use iChinaFactory.com for the purpose.
3. It is also good to get some certificates from third party services like BV or SGS.
4. Insist on payment to a company account and on the international payment terms.
5. Check their full contact information to see if you can reach to them. Do not trust those who only answer emails & doesn't talk on phones.

It is very difficult to avoid chances of fraud in international business, always use your own experience & business skills to select the right supplier.
Fraud Complaint
Once youve detected a fraud, you may send us a complaint. The complaint should be sent in one week with:
1) the name of the company in question and its link on iChinaFactory.com;
2) details about goods, sum, when you paid and when you found yourself defrauded;
3) complete email messages sent and received during the transaction, including notices from iChinaFactory.com and messages from the companys registration email address (specified by the company during its registration on iChinaFactory.com), to testify the mentioned company is no other than the company you contacted;
4) the proof of the payment you have made.